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Sound & Vision

Sleek TVs, amplifiers, and DVD and mp3 players

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Enjoy films and music from the comfort of your home without compromising on quality.

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Planning to create your own home cinema? Tailor your experience with our mini guide below.

Need more information? Visit our buyer guides to help you understand which products are right for you.

Choosing your television:

  • Smart TV
    These clever televisions include Wi-Fi connectivity and an internet browser, easy access to social networking sites and the ability to control your content without a remote control – simply by using your hand.
  • 3D TV
    Combined with a 3D Blu-ray player and Blu-ray disc, your 3D experience comes to life, putting you right in the middle of the action. Don't forget you may need to purchase 3D glasses to watch your 3D content.
  • LED
    They deliver a great image, they're energy efficient and they’re very thin and stylish.
  • LCD
    These are the most popular TVs and they're often more affordable than LED and plasma TVs..
  • Plasma
    Larger screens (42in and above) often use plasma technology because of its ability to display both dark images and bright ones in cinematic quality.

Different home audio systems to choose from:

  • Surround Sound Systems
    A surround sound system will give you the best performance from your home theatre.
  • Integrated Units
    Integrated units with a player are simpler to set up but might not allow you to connect devices other than a TV to a receiver.
  • Speaker Systems
    Systems without a player give you the option of using one you already own or buying one of your choice.
  • Sound Bars
    Sound bars are an easy way to enhance your TV’s sound without setting up an entire surround sound system and work well in small spaces.

What's in Sound & Vision



See the big picture

Experience stunning design and color with our OLED, LED LCD and plasma televisions.

Blu Ray and DVD Players

Blu Ray and DVD Players

Entertaining possibilities

Watch cinema-quality entertainment with our Blu-Ray, 3D and DVD players.



The ultimate listening experience

Enjoy impressive sound quality with our home theaters, amplifiers and mp3 players. 



Larger then life

Immerse yourself in home cinema, business and portable projectors.