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CEO Message

When we started Emax in 2006, tablet computers didn’t exist. Smartphones were dramatically more expensive and less powerful. Comparing computers, phones and a vast array of other products from our first days to what’s available now can seem like comparing horse-drawn carts to high-performance cars.

The constantly evolving technology and fresh ideas about how to use it are amazing – but it’s challenging for some people to keep up and choose products that are right for them. While some of our customers read tech websites every day and others carefully research products before they make choices, some people just know that they have a need.

Whatever knowledge you have, we’re here to help – through this site and in our stores. Know exactly what you want? We’ll take care of it, fast. Have questions? We have answers. Not sure what questions to ask? We’ll ask you about your needs and share suggestions. Our commitment is to provide what’s best for you, not what we want to sell.

It’s easy for me to say those things, but our approach has made our 10 years successful. Earning your business in these fascinating times makes us all the more excited about what lies ahead.

Let me stress, though, that whatever the future might hold, we always remember that people, our customers and our employees, are the most important part of what we do.